Architectural & Design Services in NY

Your Company for Excellence

Since 1990, Philip Toscano Architects has been offering its architectural expertise to clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area: that means over 20 years of striving for both continued and growing excellence in the field, as well as complete customer pride and delight in every fully-realized project. Our job begins with you, the client, and your visions for a potential project. From there, we bring your concepts into existence, working closely with you to ensure as smooth a transition from idea to physical reality as possible.

Our collected years of experience and knowledge in design as well as building and zoning codes guide how we work towards your design. Our philosophy is basic: help clients with problems at their buildings. From this simple philosophy come many core attributes of what we consider essential to correctly completing a job. Because the client is at the center of every job, we listen attentively to the client’s needs when designing spaces and buildings and make it a priority to interpret those needs as precisely and economically as possible. We aim to balance what you would like out of a project and what we can offer, marrying “dreams” with “practicality.”

All of our architects have the ability to carry a project from inception to completion; instead of having one person with detailed knowledge in one or two areas, each member of the technical staff knows extensively about multiple aspects of a project. The architect in charge of your project can be seen as a project-manager, playing the lead role in bringing the job to fruition. In most cases, you need only direct your inquiries to that one individual.

Whilst the project-manager brings his or her own expertise and set of experiences into a project, he or she can also rely on the firm’s other architects and the dependable support staff for assistance. Collaboration with the other members of the firm allows for a different set of eyes to look at a project’s potential while also bringing a different set of experiences into the mix. Meanwhile, the support staff working alongside the project-manager utilizes their own expertise to make sure vital administrative-based tasks are accomplished. If the architect in charge of your project is unable to speak to you when you call, this hard-working staff more often than not can help you with whatever you need. Collectively, this team brings you high-quality service in a timely manner.